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The Meaning of Planetary Aspects in Astrology

As with the trine and the sextile, in the square, it is usually the outer or superior planet that has an effect on the inner or inferior one. The square's energy is strong and usable but has a tension that needs integration between 2 different areas of life, or offers a choice point where an important decision needs to be made that involves an opportunity cost. It is the smallest major aspect that usually involves houses in different quadrants. A trine abbrev. The trine relates to what is natural and indicates harmony and ease.

The trine may involve talent or ability which is innate. The trine has been traditionally assumed to be extremely beneficial. When involved in a transit, the trine involves situations that emerge from a current or past situation in a natural way. An opposition abrv. Oppositions are said to be the second most powerful aspect.

Astrological aspects and sacred geometry

It resembles the conjunction although the difference between them is that the opposition is fundamentally relational. Some say it is prone to exaggeration as it is not unifying like the conjunction but has a dichotomous quality and an externalizing effect. All important axes in astrology are essentially oppositions. Therefore, at its most basic, it often signifies a relationship that can be oppositional or complementary.

Unlike all the other aspects, it does not offer equal divisions of the circle. Its effect is most obvious when there is a triangulating aspect of a 3rd planet in any major aspect to the 2 planets which are quincunx. Its interpretation will rely mostly on the houses, planets, and signs involved. The effect will involve different areas of life being brought together that are not usually in communication since the planets are far enough apart to be in different house quadrants, like the trine, but often with a shift in perspective involving others not previously seen clearly.

Keywords for the quincunx are mystery, creativity, unpredictability, imbalance, surreal, resourcefulness, and humor.

It is the most often used of the minor aspects perhaps for no other reason than it can be easily seen. It indicates a mental interaction between the planets involved that is more sensed than experienced externally. Any major aspect transit to a given planetary position will also involve the other planet that is in semi-sextile aspect to it.

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The energetic quality is one of building and potentiating each other gradually, but planets, houses and signs involved must be considered. Similar to a sextile in offering a quality of opportunity with conscious effort to benefit from. It indicates a strong creative flow of energy between the planets involved, often an opportunity for something performative, entertaining or expressive.

A septile is an angle of roughly It is the only prime number aspect that is an inexact number.

Planetary aspects - Astrology, Horoscope and Zodiac Signs

It is a mystical aspect that indicates a hidden flow of energy between the planets involved, often involving spiritual or energetic sensitivity and an awareness of finer and more subtle, hidden levels of reality involving the planets in septile aspect. It is an important minor aspect and indicates a stimulating or challenging energy like that of a square but less intense and more internal.

The parallel and antiparallel or contraparallel are two other aspects which refer to degrees of declination above or below the celestial equator. They are not widely used by astrologers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Conjunctions, Squares, Trines, Oppositions, Sextile

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The positive signs are outward and upward, but the negative signs are inward and downward. The former are also warm, and the latter cold in their natural state. So forces within signs of the same charge have the same direction, which makes them stimulate one another.

The Sextiles of the horoscope. Zodiac signs of the same charge positive or negative are in Sextile aspects. Also the twelve Houses of the horoscope have sextile aspects, as can be seen in the image. Keywords There is no room here to describe all the possible sextiles and how they should be interpreted. Instead, see the keywords for the planets below, and you will probably figure out what their sextiles will signify.

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In astrology, the sextile planetary aspect represents a special 60° angle between two planets in the natal chart. The energy created between these two planets with a sextile aspect is one that is very cooperative. The Sextile Aspect and Planets. In the horoscope, the sextile aspect shows your cooperating inner forces. The classical astrology meaning of the aspect Sextile (60° between planets) in your.

Also take into consideration the Zodiac sign each planet is in, which tells you more about the nature of that planet's influence - and even more so the Houses of the planets, which inform you of where in your life the sextile is mainly active. The House of the moon will tell you what you long for the most, and the House of Mercury will tell you what you are the most curious about. The 2nd House is always in sextile to the 4th House, since one's personal resources are often willingly spent on family and home.

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And so on. Also the twelve signs of the Zodiac have natural sextiles, as mentioned and seen on the illustration above. Native sextiles Sextiles in a birth chart never change. They show characteristics that you are born with and will keep all through your life. Pay attention to what Houses they are in.

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That shows in what area of your life the sextiles mostly express themselves. Also, consider how long the sextile lasted in the sky, at the time of your birth: Some come and go very quickly, so they are quite personal, whereas others those of the outer planets remain for years, so they are shared by a whole generation. Transit sextiles Transit sextiles are those formed by the planets up in the sky to the points in your complete horoscope chart. It happens twice during each planet's orbit around the sun - once when approaching the transited planet or point in your horoscope, and once when moving away from it.

Inspiration for dreamers and seekers

For example, every year the sun forms two sextile aspects with each of the points in your horoscope, four months apart. For the moon, this is done in just a month. The slowest planet Pluto takes years to complete its orbit, so you may reach old age without experiencing its sextile with all of the points in your horoscope.

Here are the times it takes for the planets and other points to make one rotation around the Zodiac, in round numbers - from a geocentric perspective, ie. So, Pluto causes big and lasting changes, whereas the moon does little more than influence your mood at the moment. Progressions Progressions are aspects formed by imaginary movement of the planets and other points in the birth chart.

They don't correspond to any actual movement of the planets. Therefore, they should be used with care.